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Required game equipment           
Game board
6 red cubes
6 blue cubes
6 green cubes
6 black cubes

Equations is the game of creative mathematics.  A player sets a goal consisting of numbers and/or operations and all players create an equation that equals the goal using numbers and operations.

Rules/ Variation Sheets

Basic Adventurous

Basic Rules
Equations Appendix
Guide to Basic Equations

Adventurous Rules
Elementary Variation Sheet

Middle Variation Sheet

Junior Variation Sheet

Senior Variation Sheet
Equations 2017-18 Judges Test
Equations 2017-18 Test Solutions


Minor/Elementary Middle Junior Senior

Powers and Roots
Negative Numbers and Fractions

Irrational Roots
Negative Powers/Roots

Fractional Powers/Roots
Base m (middle)

Base m (high)
Number of Factors

÷ as Log
Decimal in The Goal
√ = i


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