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Required game equipment

Game board
6 black (E, I. N, O, R, T)
4 blue (A, C, D, E, L, S),              
4 red (A, F, H, M, P, U),
3 green (B, E, G, T, V, W),
2 pink (I, N, O, R, S, Y),
2 yellow (J, K, Q, X, Y, Z),
3 number cubes,
7 orange phonetics cubes  (including h, ô, t, s, ou, n, d)

On-Words is a word game involving spelling, counting, phonetics, word roots, inflectional endings, prefixes and suffixes. A player sets a numerical goal and players try to come up with a word or network that has the same number of letters as the goal.

Rules for On-Words

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